How to become a full stack developer ?

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Do you want to become a full stack developer? In the recent trend in programming and web development community there has been a trend or to call oneself a full stack developer. Well, the demand for a full stack developer is also on the rise but before we learn how to become a full stack developer we need to learn first what a full stack developer is?

A website usually involves 2 parts one is front end and one back ends. The Front end deals with how a website looks to the user. How it looks and its user interface. The Back end manages the server side logic and database related logic. A developer who works on the front end is known as a front end developer whereas a developer who works with a backend portion of the web application is known as back end developer.

Becoming an full stack developer
An developer working on web application

A developer who can work on both ends the front end and the back end of a website/web application can be termed as a full stack web developer. Being a full stack developer doesn’t mean that you need to master everything required to work as a full stack developer but it means that you are able to work on both ends and understand how the application is going to work and what is going on when building the applications.

Now you have learned what a full stack developer is what are the skill sets one needs to become a full stack developer and how does one become a full stack developer and how to land yourself a job? Here are the following steps on how to become a full stack developer.


The First skill set you need to master to become a full stack developer is to learn how to write HTML. HTML stands for a hypertext markup language. HTML allows you to add content to the website and is more like a body structure of our web page which the user views and interacts with. HTML can be regarded as a skeleton of our web application.


Next, you need to master is CSS which stands for Cascading style sheets. CSS is what makes our websites beautiful and user-friendly. It describes how our HTML elements are to be displayed on the screen. After learning CSS you need to learn CSS3 which is the latest iteration of CSS standards used for styling our web apps.

(3) JavaScript and Jquery

JavaScript is the programming language which runs on the browser via which you access your web application. All those beautiful sliders which you see in websites are made via javascript or jquery. Jquery is the most famous javascript library which was created with the sole goal of handle Browser incompatibilities and to make dom manipulation, event handling, and Ajax easier to implement compared to when implemented in traditional javascript. Now once you have learned javascript and jquery now you have nearly completed your basics of a front end developer. Now if you want to dive deeper into front end development you can learn JavaScript based front end frameworks such as angular js or react js or vue js or a library such as react js. You don’t need to learn every framework among this. just choose one and build mastery over it. Also, I would recommend you to learn Ajax.

Once you have learned all the skill sets mentioned above you have a quite good knowledge of front end development. Now you need to learn about back end development.

This are the steps to start learning back end development.

(1).Choose a Server Side language:

To start learning back end development you need to learn a server side language. Server-side programming languages help you in making your site dynamic and able to interact with databases, also helpful in authenticating users.

You can choose any of the languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js. After mastering any of this one server-side language you should move to learn a Framework in the language which you learned. For example, in Php, you can choose from laravel and CakePHP. Although I would recommend laravel. In Python, you can learn Django and In Node js, you should check out Express.

I would recommend mastering any one language and its framework.

(2).Learn about Databases:

Learn about Database

You need to learn about storing data in databases when building a full stack web applications. For which you need to learn about databases such as relational databases like SQL or NoSQL databases such as MongoDB. Also, I would recommend you to learn about Redis and Memcached distributed memory caching systems.

(3).Learn Algorithms and Data Structures:

What a web developer is without any knowledge of data structures and algorithms. With having a good knowledge of algorithms one can easily shorten downtime taken to develop full-stack web applications and can also improve your efficiency to learn new programming language with a fast pace!

Well, This is all for now in the article! In the next post, I will write about how much salary does a full stack developer can get and is it better to be master of none and jack of all trades? I will keep this blog post updated and so come back soon and read it again.

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